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About Čili bar

Kožná ulice. It’s just a stone’s throw to the bustle of Old Town Square, but it’s still a quiet little lane where you can find one of Prague’s landmarks: Number 8 is home to something truly exceptional. For more than five years now, Čili has been one of the most comfortable bars in Prague and the reviews that it’s not just another drinking hole are true. Čili will whisk you away to the flavors of the Caribbean with more than 30 rums on offer. If Europe is more your preference, you can sample the work of French vintners. If you love domestic tipples, we offer Bernard, one of the finest Czech brews. And the quality of our cocktails is legendary. Music also helps set the mood where we go from funk to groove, acid-jazz, and lounge depending on the bartender’s mood, which is always good. What is the most important ingredient at Čili? It’s not the pepper itself, which you can find all over the bar. It’s the people: those behind the bar and in front of it. That’s what makes Čili so exceptional. Stop by and see for yourself.

Čili bar’s history goes back to 2005 where we welcomed our friends and the first patrons after a three-week renovation of what used be called the CHO-CHO bar.

The name of the bar isn’t an accident. It almost came by itself, really. When we recounted how many chili peppers and jalapeňos we’ve eaten, and we looked at the shape of our space, we just knew. So, we came up with the color scheme and Čili bar was born. To sample one of our own drinks, try our chili shot made from spicy chili peppers.

Čili is a great place to relax after work or a workout. We’d be happy to host your party, and our cozy atmosphere makes it an ideal place for a date. If you’re single, stop by and maybe you won’t be anymore. It’s a fluid atmosphere where you can sit at intimate tables or at the bar, which is the center of life and a great place to talk to our friendly staff. Čili has a capacity for about 40 people, and there are often even more out front during the warmer months of the year.

Once you visit Čili bar, you’re sure to come back again and again; not just for the exceptional drinks and comfortable atmosphere, but also the chance encounters and the new friends you’ll make.