čili paprička

Čili bar

Chili is the spice of life: intense, invigorating, inspiring, but also fun. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at our place in Kožná ulice! Each of the houses on this forgotten side street in the heart of Prague oozes the city’s centuries of history. And in this case, this street was the center of Prague’s risqué nightlife.

Become inspired by our drink recipes you won’t find anywhere else! We not only tailor the level of spiciness, but we also use the finest local seasonal ingredients. Everything we do is of the utmost quality, including the presentation, with each cocktail’s preparation becoming a small bartending show. We make first-class cocktails exclusively from premium and ultra-premium brands, as well as fresh fruit and vegetable juices. And because the drink is only as good as it looks, you’ll love to show off your cocktail on Instagram.

Čili bar is a cozy Prague bar with its own original atmosphere. Even if you visit by yourself, you’ll feel like a regular in just a few minutes. This spirit makes us exceptional and it’s something we are proud of.